Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Bring your church leadership team, youth group, sports team, or family to our Challenge Course, it is a great place to grow closer together. We can work on team building and working with others, skills that they can use for the rest of their lives!

Low elements $8.50/person/hour
High elements $20.00/person

Here’s what people are saying about Cove Valley’s Ropes Course!

  • “… No matter how many of these I do, I always learn something new.”
  • “I learned that I could do things.. My Mom would have died if she saw me.”
  • “It was just an awesome place.”
  • “It challenged me…I love a challenge.”
  • “It brought us closer together as a group.”
  • “The course has many options for all types of people.”
  • “I liked how it didn’t feel as though the facilitators were rushing us.”


Low Challenge Course

Trust, team building and life applications are expected results from the Low Ropes Course and Initiatives.
Everyone must work together to think through and accomplish the task that is set before them.
You may be surprised who steps forward to take the leadership.


High Challenge Course

Participants will be taken, by our trained staff, to the top of our 20 foot high tower to attempt any of the 15 elements. They could walk and hold on to cables or ropes, or swing like a monkey on the rings and monkeybars.
All participants have a safety harness and helmet on while they are on the elements. There is a safety line running from the participants harness to a cable above the element.


Some of the High Ropes Elements

  • Climbing Wall– 40 foot tall wall with rock holds.
  • Spring Bridge– Take a walk across a moving bridge.
  • Rings– Swing from ring, to ring, to ring, to ring, to ring.
  • Monkey Bars– Monkey around on our 25 foot high monkey bars.
  • Burma Bridge– Walk on a cable while holding on to 2 ropes.
  • Commando Drop– Go hand over hand foot over foot, under a rope.
  • Cross Walk– Walk across a “X” made of cables with nothing to hold on to.
  • Rappel– Drop off of the tower and control your descent to the ground.
  • Plus many more elements!