Friday, November 17, 2017
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Working at summer camp is a great way to influence young lives in a positive way for Christ!

For information about working at Cove Valley this summer contact Eric at:

Attention everyone ages 15-17: If you would like to be a staff member this coming summer, remember to come to Operation CoOperation on March 10-12, 2017!  The deadline for Junior Staff Applications is February 24.

Download Information:

  • (Coming Soon!) 2018 Summer Staff Application (Please e-mail completed applications to:
  • (Coming Soon!)Staff Reference Form – Pastor
  • (Coming Soon!)Staff Reference Form – Employer, Teacher, or Coach
  • (Coming Soon!)Staff Reference Form – Non-related Adult
  • (Coming Soon!) 2018 Operation CoOperation Registration Form (For summer staff applicants ages 15-17)

2017 Summer Positions

(All wage amounts are per week.)

Program Director’s Assistant “PDA” – 1 Male & 1 Female $196
The Program Director’s Assistants will be responsible for the “fun and games” part of camp (i.e. planning and executing games and activities), as well as assisting the Program Director with the overall operation of the summer camp program.

Speaker $296
The Speaker is responsible for the spiritual well-being and growth of campers and staff. The Speaker is also responsible for leading Bible classes in the morning, as well as a chapel service in the evening.

Nurse $235
The Nurse must have at least 2 years of nursing training (RN, LPN, or equivalents preferred), and be currently certified in First Aid and CPR. The Nurse is responsible for the safety and health of campers and staff.

A/V Tech $183
The A/V Tech is responsible for taking pictures/videos and uploading them to the website, creating the powerpoint for praise and worship time, and operating sound & powerpoint during praise and worship time as well as a few other tech tasks.

Jr. A/V Tech $80
The Jr. A/V Tech will work with the A/V Tech to perform A/V responsibilities mentioned above.

A man paddling a kayak on a lake.

Lifeguard $183
The Life Guard is responsible for the safety of campers and staff at all waterfront locations, as well as helping the Program Director and the Program Director’s Assistants.

Craft Instructor $146
The Craft Instructor is responsible for planning and teaching crafts to the campers during morning electives.

Nature Instructor $146
The Nature Instructor is responsible for planning and teaching nature to the campers during morning electives.

Senior Counselors (over 18 years of age) – In High School $163A camper rides on a man's shoulders.
– Post High – $173
– In College $183
– Staff Orientation Week $92
The Senior Counselor is responsible for the safety,
supervision, and spiritual nurture of 5-10 campers.

Junior Counselors (15-17 years of age) $80
The Junior Counselor is responsible for assisting the Senior Counselor in the safety,
supervision, and spiritual nurture of 5-10 campers.
~ Attendance is required at Operation CoOperation in March.

Dining Room Host(ess) $146
The Dining Room Hostess is responsible for supervising kitchen aides and overseeing dining room preparation. The Dining Room Hostess will also assist the cooks as needed.
A camper hugs her counselor.

Kitchen Aid $80

A Kitchen Aid is responsible for set-up and clean-up of the dining hall and kitchen. Kitchen Aides will also report to the Dining Room Hostess and cooks for other duties.
~ Attendance is required at Operation Co-Operation in March.

Maintenance Helper $183
The Maintenance Assistant will work with the Maintenance Director to perform general camp maintenance as well as guide the Jr. maintenance assistant in tasks.

Jr. Maintenance Helper $80
The Jr. Maintenance Assistant will work with the Maintenance Director and the Maintenance Assistant to perform general camp maintenance.
~ Attendance is required at Operation Co-Operation in March.